Why use a recruitment agency?

What is a recruitment Agency?

A recruitment agency is an organization that
specializes in the search and selection of Candidates
to suit the recruitment needs of a company.
Their main purpose is to match the most suitable person to
the job vacancy they have been asked to fill.

When a company hears the term recruitment agency, they usually think waste of time and money. The truth is, most businesses can use an extra pair of hands to handle a project but are reluctant to do so.

Saving time and money

Recruitment can be a time consuming, expensive and stressful task. You spend hours designing a job advertisement, hundreds of pounds advertising in local newspapers and job sites, only to receive a thousand CV’s to sift through and (maybe) find the right Candidate for the job. But what if the right person for the job is not actively looking for employment?

A recruitment agency can reduce the time and money spent on this laborious task dramatically by reducing the overall recruiting process, allowing your Management team to focus on running your business.

Recruiters talk to talented people everyday and have a number of sources that can’t be accessed by newspapers or the internet. This should be taken into consideration as many high quality Candidates are not actively seeking employment. They are working for your competitors.

How an agency works

When receiving a job description from an organization, the recruiter will use their industry knowledge and expertise to carefully select a shortlist of Candidates matching the requirements of the job description. The Candidates will be fully briefed on the role and their CV’s will then be sent to the organization to decide who they would like to interview. Once the preferred individuals have been chosen from the list, the recruiter will arrange interviews with them and confirm with the organization.
The recruiter will ensure that both the organization and Candidate are fully prepared for the interview and will be on hand to answer any questions and to report any delays.
Once the interview has been conducted, the recruiter will ask for feedback from the Candidate and organization and discuss second interviews and the possibility of an offer.


Giving you the results you want

• With an extensive database of active and passive Candidates, recruitment agencies have the ability to respond quickly to vacancies and are able to fill them in weeks, rather than months.
• Advertising a vacancy in a newspaper or on the internet will draw hundreds of unsuitable, unqualified applicants. Using an agency will ensure that only the best and highest quality Candidates are put forward.
• If a company loses an employee in a key position and its Clients and competitors are aware, it can damage the company’s reputation. A recruitment agency can ensure a confidential and quiet transition.


Cost effectiveness
Calculating the potential lost resources, time and money spent on advertising with no guarantee of success, engaging the services of a recruitment agency guarantees results and offers a cost effective solution to finding high quality Candidates to help develop your business, increase your competitive advantage and ensure the success of your organisation.


Years ago, newspapers and trade press were the most common form of advertising and filling a job vacancy. In today’s world, the internet has become a powerful resource, creating thousands of ways to advertise and find jobs, allowing millions of individuals to view and apply for one position. This also means that competitors are able to gain advantage by identifying your plans for expansion and compete for a more skilled workforce.


Utilizing the services of a recruitment agency will ensure a safe, smooth, confidential and cost effective approach to recruitment.



More evidence of this can be found in the various websites listed below





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