How much do you earn?

What happens when people are asked how much they earn? They hesitate, stammer, or do anything they possibly can to change the subject.


Over the years, people have feared being judged by their salaries, either boastful or undeserving of big ones, or inferior and embarrassed by small ones.

This fear has resulted in nobody actually knowing what anybody else earns (to some extent). This could be dangerous, for instance.. how do you know if your earning enough if you can’t compare it to anything?

Many people in the UK’s construction industry are not earning what they should be. An easy way to see how your salary compares to others in the same job role is to have a look at a Salary Survey.
Don’t worry if you cant find a survey that is easy to understand, there are lots out there so just do a bit of research and see whether you are getting the salary you deserve.

Listed below are a few Salary Survey websites for you to look at so… go ahead.

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