How to survive the wait after an interview

FrustrationWe’ve all been there, you are a bundle of nerves before the interview starts, a bundle of nerves in the interview and an even bigger bundle of nerves waiting to find out if you got the job.
Everyone suffers from post interview nerves, even if they are ‘playing it cool’. Waiting for an answer can seem to drag on forever and make you feel like you are losing your mind. Unfortunately, there is no trick to get you your answer quickly but there are a few things you can do to up your chances of a positive outcome and put your mind at ease.

Send a ‘Thank You’ email

Many people forget to do this, but sending a brief but well written ‘thank you’ email is a great way to follow up after an interview. If you interviewed through a recruitment agency, ask your recruiter for the hiring manager’s email address, or if you applied directly you can either ask reception for the hiring Manager’s email address or call the company when you get home. Ensure you personalize the message and send it within 24 hours after the interview took place this way you will show you are keen and interested in the role.


Don’t ‘pause’ your job search while waiting for an answer

One of the biggest mistakes people make when job seeking is that they pin all of their hopes on one company and one interview but this can be dangerous as receiving a rejection letter/ email could shatter your confidence and job search momentum. Continuing to apply for jobs while you are waiting is a good way to keep the ball rolling and may take your mind off of the ‘waiting game’


 Keep active

Don’t spend all day waiting by the phone, this will only make you more anxious and you will start to lose your mind. If you are unemployed, try going for a run or taking the dog for a walk, it has been proven that exercise can reduce stress or anxiety and experts at the NHS recommend 150 minutes of exercise a week to keep your health in check.


Be Prepared

Life is hard and sometimes we don’t get the outcome we were hoping for, especially when it comes to job interviews. In an ideal world we would attend an interview for our dream job and have an amazing offer in front of us within 24 hours, but this isn’t always the case and we have to be prepared for it. Being rejected after an interview is not the end of the world and, as long as you have been doing all of the things mentioned above, you should be able to hold your chin up and get back on the job hunting wagon right away. The best thing you can do in this situation is to get all of the feedback you can from the interview. Feedback is a powerful tool as you can use it to help you in future interviews. If you are using a recruitment agency, book a call with your recruiter to discuss the feedback and don’t be afraid to ask for their advice. Take notes and make sure you read them before your next interview.
In the event that you are left hanging for weeks and do not receive any feedback whatsoever, the most gracious approach is to send the hiring Manager an email politely asking for a follow up from your interview. If you do not get a response within a week, it is clear that your time and attention is meant for better things and it will prove to be a bullet dodged!