The Top 5 Traits to Look For When Hiring Your Next Sales Manager

Here at SRS Recruitment Solutions, we test for the five traits listed below to select the ideal sales manager for our Client’s businesses. They have worked for us time and time again. You too can use them as a litmus test when next you are hiring.

  1. Conscientiousness: This is the most predictive hint to a Sales Manager’s  success. You can term it as the “hard work until it is achieved” attribute, and it implies setting goals and the dependability to meet it. In an interview, ask your applicant(s) to tell you about a difficult goal they set and achieved. The reply you get will indicate if they are roughed enough to bring success to your sales department.
  2. Communication skills: The importance of this can’t be said well enough. A Sales Manager needs to communicate the company’s goal to their team members. Besides, they need to carry the business along with sales progress and goals. And, this they need to do effectively. The litmus test: How good were they able to communicate with you during interviews?
  3. Intelligence: For a Sales Manager to lead his sales force and handle vital, unforeseeable, and action-demanding situations, they must be intelligent. The ideal Sales Manager should be able to analyze sales data and intelligently make smart decisions based on their analysis. Applicant’s academic records and prior working experience are good indicators. You can as well throw them questions similar to “in few sentences, can you explain to me a complicated matter that you know well?
  4. Passion: Go after this trait with full energy. Your candidate’s success as a Sales Manager will highly depend on their passion about your business mission. Simply ask them why they desire a sales role.
  5. Prior success: A robust and good track record in the position of a Sales Manager could make or break your applicant’s experience with your company. A saying goes, “past result is an indication of future results.” Though this doesn’t always work, this is the reason you need the other traits as a buffer. The litmus test is easy. Just look at their CV and ask them to ellaborate if the information they have provided is not sufficient.

It can be tempting to give the vote to an applicant that looks fantastic on the outside and on paper but looking for the five traits listed above will help you decide whether the Candidate you are interviewing is going to give you the best return on investment.

To avoid the cost of a bad hire, always look for the most goal-oriented, passionate, dependable, and intelligent candidate and see your company build up a top-notch sales force and department.